Welcome to My Diaper Bag!


Greetings!  And thanks for stopping by my little piece of internet that I have officially dubbed “My Diaper Bag.”  I’m sure you will find things here a bit disorganized, slightly chaotic, and maybe even a bit curious (quite like my actual diaper bag– pictured above).  However, I hope you may on occasion also find things to be enlightening, humorous, and tres, tres chic (because I know you were already asking yourself where I got such a cute diaper bag!)  The answer is Babies ‘R Us.

So first things first, I suppose, and since this is my first post I can’t think of a better place to start.  With that being said, let’s ask the first obvious question: “Kathleen, what’s up with the title of your weirdo blog?”  It really does make sense, I promise you.

While I would like to say that I was creative enough to come up with this title on my own, I have to admit that it was divinely inspired.  As with most creative things I do, I am not creative enough to pull them off on my own.  The title came to me while I was praying before Mass for the first time without my one-year-old flailing out of my arms.  Does that mean that the clouds opened up and God spoke to me from the Heavens saying, “Kathleen, you shall name your blog ‘The Depths of My Diaper Bag’ because I will it to be so!”  No.  First of all, imagining the God of the Universe saying the words “Diaper Bag” seems quite humorous to me.  To be honest, I don’t believe God even cares that I have a blog nevertheless what I call it.  But, I do believe that He likes to help me out and he knew I had been thinking about doing this “blog thing” for a while.  So it was more of a, “Hey Kathleen, here’s an idea for your silly little blog,” and I just took it and ran!

(The above is an example of the aforementioned “disorganization” and “chaos” that you may continuously come across throughout this blog.  I tend to ramble.)

Get to the point, Kathleen– why the diaper bag?

Well you see, every woman (and probably some very attuned men) know that a look inside a woman’s purse reveals a ton about her, well beyond her likes and dislikes.  A woman’s purse can reveal her dreams, her burdening responsibilities, her secrets, her desires, her insecurities, her faith, her struggles, and probably a good idea of her menstrual cycle (a very intimate subject, indeed!).  You may not see these things based on the face value of the objects within, which makes her handbag all the more mysterious– it hides the things (both positive and negative) that she doesn’t always care for the world to see.  But with a very close look and a desire for understanding, someone can come to know more of her based on these objects.

This is not to say everything we carry in our bags means something– indeed at least half of my bag is filled with random crap (receipts, candy wrappers, empty tupperware, and dirty diapers.)  But that’s the fun of this blog.  It is my little piece of the world wide web where I can reveal all the things in my “bag”: my philosophies, my faith, my random “in-the-shower” thoughts, and my useless crap that I just feel like sharing (probably some recipes and random family life tips and tricks as I learn them!)  The possibilities are endless and I hope to always keep you guessing 🙂

Lastly, I am deciding to call this place my “Diaper Bag” (not my “Gucci bag” or my “Beach bag”) for two reasons.  Reason #1:  I can’t afford Gucci and I can’t sit on the beach for more than an hour without getting burned and bored.  Reason #2: Thirteen months ago I became a mother and it has been the most tiring, the most emotional, and the most rewarding 13 months of my life.  Being a mother has become my identity and I thank God for every second of it.  So every time I am tempted to treat myself to a cute new handbag I see on the sale rack in Target, the practical side of me always kicks in and says, “But where are you ever going to wear that in the next 5 years?”  And just like that, I walk away.  And I am fine with that.  I carry a diaper bag everywhere I go (which is why I picked such a cute one!) so all those secrets, responsibilities, and insecurities of mine all lie within the thing that marks me to the public as my most prized role in life– a mother.

So I hope you enjoy the things I post!  And if not, that’s fine.  This is really a place for me to get out the things I keep inside for no reason other than I don’t think anyone else would find them interesting.  Maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong.  But either way, you are invited to laugh, cry, pray, and ponder on the things that I find… in the depths of my diaper bag.

Peace, my friends.


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